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I feel slightly accomplished: if your computer network uses Websense filtering, and your net techs are pretty good about updating the restricted site list, try going here:

Yeah, that was me who got them filtered out for "Racism and Hate".

The site is pure filth.  I'd delete it off the servers and smack the living shit out of the site owner if I could, First Amendment be damned.  I wish I was a hacker.  [/hyprocrisy]
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I had a strange and disturbing conversation with GI Jane last week after I told her about that bizarre exchange with the older colleague who’d suggested I try to “Jew down” a vendor.

I’d expressed, in a casual, offhand way, that this kind of thing is so entrenched it’s nearly impossible to unseat, and referenced a couple of famously fraudulent documents that have served as the foundation of much of the Jewish Global Conspiracy theory and general, perpetual anti-Semitism. The two were “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” and “On the Jews and Their Lies”.

She’d heard of neither of them.

She’d had no idea that Charles Lindbergh and Henry Ford had been publishing anti-Semitic tracts on their own dime, and that Martin Luther became an incredibly vitriolic anti-Semite later in his life and published some of the most vile incitement to violence ever written.

Nope, never heard of it. Was flabbergasted. Said her husband was a bible scholar and loved Martin Luther and knew nothing about it.

So maybe these two works are not so well known.

Here is a brief recap of each, just in case you are not familiar with these two important works of hate. They comprise the foundation of attacks against Jews since the 16th century, and continue to influence folks with axes to grind to this very day. )


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