Jan. 14th, 2005 12:44 pm
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Things are insane at work, and suddenly Very Large Things are on the horizon. I am seriously in danger of being overwhelmed, so in the spirit of self-preservation, I will deflect. On my love of toast.

My favorite food.

I didn't even realize it until a few months ago. We were at a diner called "Buffalo", and I was enjoying some tasty broasted chicken. They'd placed it on a bed of toast (I presume to catch any stray oil), which I found highly amusing. As far as I could tell, there was no oil at all marring the toast's pristine, golden-brown face, which made me happy, and I began to sample it and purr with happiness. It was only when I'd actually forsaken the crispy wing of a broasted chicken breast (mmmm, crispy broasted chicken wing) for the layer of toast that I realized what my major malfunction was.

I love toast. It is my favorite food.

Teasing, it peeks out coquettishly.

A plate of pancakes (with real Canadian maple syrup at hand), strips of perfectly cooked bacon - and you know how I am about bacon - even crispy hash browns with some melted sharp cheddar cheese on top...none of that can deflect me from my enjoyment of the toast that accompanies the meal. Toast arrives, toast is lightly buttered, toast is consumed in a whirlwind of gustatory joy, the other foodstuffs nearly forgotten.

    Simple and pure.

White toast is simple and pure. Rye toast with butter is heady and aromatic; white toast's exotic cousin. Toasted crusty Italian bread with olive oil and parmesan negates the need for the remainder of the meal. Toasted english muffins are a tongue-tickling adventure; spongy and crispy and ready to drink up the butter.

It's all about the toast.

Crop out that sausage and bacon. Damn straight.

I've learned to enjoy other foods because of it. I actually eat eggs now (EGGS, she repeats, having shunned them all her life), sunny-side-up only, so I can dip strips of toast into the runny yolks. I've found myself physically craving this on weekends. I give in on occasion.

I've discovered many of my favorite foods are ones I describe as "toasty". Really good carnitas: toasty. Perfect marshmallows: toasty. Hominy I pan-toast before putting into the pork stew, peppercorn blends toasted in the pan before grinding, pine nuts I toast in a hot pan before using in a recipe. "Toasty" is probably the highest praise I ever afford a foodstuff.

Make it toasty or don't make it at all.

Maybe I have a strange jones for carginogens. Or I'm just a sucker for toast.

Oh, and there's a song too. (5.3 MB, right-click/save as to download.)


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