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I've always just assumed that should a major city need to be evacuated (in my head it was the Chicagoland area after a nuke), we'd all be on our own; that the government would simply not be able to help everybody.

I anticipated thousands stranded or refusing to go, no operating water/sewage/electric service, no public transit, and jammed highways. In my head I pictured thousands of people suffering from illness without adequate medical care. I've put thought into where we'd go, how we'd get there, and what we'd bring. But I always figured it would be up to me to save my own ass.

I don't think I was ready, though, to see this actual scenario spring to life in such a huge area to so many people. I'm furious with the government that abandoned the city's infrastructure, assuming nothing bad would happen. I'm furious with the government that took so long to respond with personnel and basic supplies. I'm furious that the president, who should be the visible face of our nation's response, has been more concerned about oil than people.

Which is stupid, because I haven't expected them to be able to respond ideally. My being pissed off now is pointless. It doesn't stop the reports of rapes at the convention center, it doesn't get water into the hands of thirsty people, and it doesn't get medicine to sick people. My money does, but I've already sent some.

You know what, I'm still going to be pissed off. Thousands of people were told to go to the convention center but the place was abandoned when they got there. No crowd control, no food, no water. FEMA says the state only asked for food and water around noon today.

What. The fucking. Fuck.

I'm really lucky. I live a couple of blocks in from a cliff overlooking the lake, so catastrophic flooding isn't a pressing concern. I own my own house. We have two vehicles, money in the bank, a pantry full of food, and the means to get out of town and a place to go to that will likely be safe. We have room for a couple dozen of our closest friends. So we're covered. I wish I knew what to do for folks down there who aren't. Money doesn't seem adequate.

JESUS FUCK: Michael Brown, the head of FEMA, is this very minute blaming the people who couldn't get out of town. HE IS LITERALLY BLAMING THEM. HOLY FUCKING SHIT.


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