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That company-wide email chain letter performance art piece? IS NOT OVER.

Some more "remove me from your list" emails trickled in the next morning (Thursday), followed almost immediately by a lengthy instructional plea from the CIO to please cut it out already, which would have done the trick, you'd think.

Another "remove me" message followed close it its heels, and I heard an actual hiss from down the hall, followed by a sniggered, "She's in so much trouble."

Then we got a few more. On Thursday. On Friday. All weekend. On Monday.

Then late last night, two more. One was the already old-hat, "remove me...", but the other.
DO NOT TAKE ME OFF THE LIST. I enjoyed this piece of information and thought it was very intriguing. I went as far as trying this method and drank hot tea for a period of 1 week after almost every meal. The results were as follow: More energy, a brighter overall mood, and a change in stool consistency. Overall I would recommend this to anybody as it has been a Oriental cultural norm for thousands of years. To this day, the people of the Orient are known for their health and lengthy life spans.

You can't make up shit this deeply, deeply wrong. Yes, he really discussed the texture of his poo on a company-wide email.


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