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This time in the form of a noisy, slightly scary shift lock solenoid.  The service manager and the technician insist it's  normal, but do any of  you get a loud sound like an empty CD case being dropped every time you use the brake pedal when you're in park?

I didn't think so.

So here I sit at the "customer computer" in the waiting room, battling Websense, to share my exciting life with all of you.

Feel blessed.

Happy snow day!

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So my car was ready when I got there.  My paperwork wasn't, but it only took a few minutes for it to arrive.

Over $3,700 worth of work done, including almost a month of car rental, and printed right there on the invoice, it  read "Customer only responsible for $50 deductible".  Woot!

So I hand over my Amex card.  The cashier rings it up and hands me a receipt to sign for $3,700+.

"No, it's only the deductible of $50."

She hems and haws and realizes it's wrong and goes to her adding machine to try three times to subtract $50 from $3,700+ so she'd know how much of a credit to ring up.


"Just credit the full amount and re-run the charge for $50."  I didn't want a weird paper trail.

So she rang it up.  As a sale.  AGAIN.  So she's now hit my Amex for almost $7,500.  But, see, because the amount is over some arbitrary limit, she can no longer just ring up a credit for it; she has to call the General Manager, who takes more than 20 minutes to show up and approve the correction of the stupid, stupid mistake.

Seriously, they should take this show on the road.  They could market it as a contemporary farce.

On the upside, I paid only $50 for what should have been three weeks' worth of car rental (the warranty only covers a week), and my car drives like a dream again.  (Which it rightly should, with a new transmission and all.)

Unfortunately it's slicker than a buttered watermelon outside, so I need new tires.  And the car is still pulling a bit to the left, so it needs an alignment.  But not just yet.  I want to enjoy having my car back for a spell first.
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We will see.

I got a call this morning that my car was ready.  My paperwork wasn't, however, because they had to transfer the car between dealerships midway, and nobody there knew how to handle the billing of a rental car for 27 days. So I couldn't pick it up after all.  He said he'd call me when the paperwork was done.

Four hours later I got fed up and called back on the number he used to call me -- and the line was disconnected.

I found the number of the dealership I thought my car might be at, and learned the car was indeed there and the paperwork was indeed finished.  McDoi just hadn't bothered to call.  Maybe because his phone had been disconnected?

We shall see.

Luckingness wishful please.
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(by Charles Dikkens with 2 Ks, the well-known Dutch author)

The dealership my car is at? And has been at for two and a half weeks?


As in the dealership closed. It closed and it's now a Kia dealership.  They moved my car to another dealership and nobody called me.

AND the torque converter is on backorder and they don't even have a date for it. They also lost some screws during the move, and they're on backorder too.

Dude. Seriously, dude.

Who never to buy a car from:
Bob Rooooooooohrman's service people boggle the mind


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