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Infomania got it just right.  And funny enough to keep the ignorance from inspiring complete apoplexy.

Go team CurrentTV!
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Your clothes may suck, but your new merchandising philosophy makes me wibble. 

I was so incredibly pleased to learn that you'd stopped dividing your store into "normal people" and "ugly fat chicks", and that you now merchandise all your clothing together.  If I like the look of a sweater, I can check behind it to see if you have my size.  Better yet, everything you carry comes in every size.  I no longer have to wander around the back corner of the store, wondering if I will be permitted to wear the cute thing I saw in the window, or if I'll have to settle for a cheap jersey shower curtain with arm holes.

I have rewarded you by purchasing a simple v-neck pullover and chinos that fit well.  I may even return.  Just get some better-quality stuff, yeah?

 - j.
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I had a dream last night about my toenails.

I need to get out more.
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Old blind Bear got a clean bill of health this morning and is now nursing in his sleep.

Suck, suck, suck. He's very loud.

You are such a sweet old man.  Dream well.  I hope your dream-mommy is purring against your furry face.



Feb. 4th, 2010 12:25 pm
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I cannot find my favorite Thinkgeek necklace.

It looks like this:

Error 404: Necklace not found

ETA: 301 Redirect - Necklace permanently moved to new location.  Found.

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[ profile] se_parsons nailed it: there was a very good reason why the head of the Vampire Jedi Council couldn't see anything inside Bella's head.


Just sayin'.
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So here's the thing: I have a fannish TV series in my head that's never going to get pitched, and instead of relegating it to plain text, I think it would make a KICKBOOTY graphic novel series.  Problem is, I can't draw for shit.

It's a contemporary, North American take on the Harry Potter universe (almost completely original characters), in the genre of a crime investigation/sci-fi series.  Some funny stuff, and the primary conceit is that there will be loads and loads (and LOADS) of crossovers, so I need to find someone who can draw existing characters/actors so they're instantly recognizable in addition to creating the look and feel of this universe.  I have at least a dozen issues' worth of plot lines and character arc material already, so there's lots to chew on.

Plotty crossovers in the first set will include (in no particular order): True Blood, Heroes, The X-Files, Eureka, Burn Notice, Edward Scissorhands, Leverage, Dr. Who and cameos from loads more.  The True Blood and Eureka/Heroes crossovers literally make me squee.  (Aloud.  At odd times.  A lot.  My poor hubby can attest to this.)

Anybody interested, or know someone who might be?  If you have feelers, I would love you forever for sending them out on my behalf.  If anyone wants to talk offline about it, they can use my LJ email:

Thank you thank you thank you!

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I learned from some very good friends over the weekend that some of the videos I consider to be "classics" may not be as well-known as I'd thought.  So here are some links to a variety of  hilarious web videos.

This is apparently doubling as my Funniest Web Videos of the Decade post.

1.  Here Comes Dr. Tran.  The original, and still utterly brilliant.  Hard to categorize; it's a silly, animated farce.

2. Powerthirst.  The best energy drink ad you will never see.  400 BABIES!  Also: The Sequel.

3. Font Conference.  A College Humor original, and an instant classic.

4. Mortal Kombat is Not a Tournament.  Another brilliant CH original.

5. Dangerous Wands.  Yettanuther CH original; Hermione replaces Michelle Pfeiffer.

6. Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.  All hail independent production. And NPH and Nathan Fillion.

7.  Toy Cack.  A worthy (if insane) follow-up in the Dr. Tran universe. Toy store!  Dickable Afternoons and the Roybertito's commercial are also awesome.

8.  Saturday Morning Watchmen.  The opening theme sequence to the most awesomest cartoon I'd ever watch if they'd ever make it.

9.  Patrick Duffy and a Crab series.  Another inexplicable one.

10. Dramatic Prairie Dog.  Because I'm anal enough to want to get the damn species right.

11. The Legend of Link's Distractions.  What always goes through my mind when I walk away from an urgent boss battle in order to go somewhere else to level up my weapons.

12. Hamster on a Piano.  I apologize in advance for the earworm.

13. The Mysterious Ticking Noise.  And all the other Potter Puppet Pals videos.

14.  Every Maru video ever, but particularly the big box and the paper bag.  I can't even imagine how she'll ever be happy with any other cat again in her life after that glorious fuzzbutt.

15. Brokeback to the Future.  Awesome trailer mashup.  OH the meaningful looks.

16. Auto-Tune the News.  Almost totally redeems this otherwise heinous piece of technological evil that enables pretty people who can't sing.

17. Really Bad Ninja.  An oldie bit of shame.

18. Wee Mlle Capucine and her 'popotome that was allergic to magic.

19. Sonya the Slow Loris, who loves to be scritched.  I love her "YAY!" moment near the end.

20. Not funny but still awesome:  I Love the Whole World (Boom-de-yadda), OK Go's Here It Goes Again, and considering inclusion of Chocolate Rain, David/Vader After Dentist, Miss Teen South Carolina, Muppet Bohemian Rhapsody, Kittens Inspired by Kittens and I'm Fucking Matt Damon.

Not to be included, because although they're popular, I find them unfunny, overhyped, creepy, uncomfortable and/or cruel: Star Wars Kid, Evolution of Dance, That Wedding Procession, any Top Ten List, or any republican trying to catch the culture wave by engaging in rap, hip-hop or breakdancing.

This list is a work in progress.  I'm sure I've missed big ones -- let me know your faves and I'll include them if I loved them too but forgot to include them.
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...currently available from the Boston University textbook branch of Barnes & Noble, under "MET CM OL".  (Don't even bother trying the "used, if available" option.)  I recommend a low-rate loan to pay for them all.

High points: snarktastic point-counterpoint debates on bioethics, awesome nutritional evaluation tools, Battele's "The Search", AP Style Guide
Low points: epidemiological statistics,  Principles of Bioethics, the godawful illustrations in Shi and Singh's "U.S. Healthcare System", AP Style Guide

Maybe there will be more reading of real fiction for fun later this year.

ETA: OH!  I forgot I listened to Bill Bryson's "A Walk in the Woods", in which he entertainingly failed to walk the Appalachian Trail.  Also his "Notes from a Small Island" (Britain), "I'm a Stranger Here Myself" (U.S.) and "Neither Here Nor There" (Western Europe).  I might have also gone through "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies", Ruth Reichl's "Sapphires and Garlic" and Bryson's "Down Under", also on audio. 

Huh, even when I don't read for pleasure I still manage to read for pleasure.

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Warning: may be triggering for those with sexual abuse issues

[Error: unknown template video]
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Trying to watch "Expelled: Intelligence Not Allowed". It's just...holy crap. I...

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