Jan. 7th, 2010

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So here's the thing: I have a fannish TV series in my head that's never going to get pitched, and instead of relegating it to plain text, I think it would make a KICKBOOTY graphic novel series.  Problem is, I can't draw for shit.

It's a contemporary, North American take on the Harry Potter universe (almost completely original characters), in the genre of a crime investigation/sci-fi series.  Some funny stuff, and the primary conceit is that there will be loads and loads (and LOADS) of crossovers, so I need to find someone who can draw existing characters/actors so they're instantly recognizable in addition to creating the look and feel of this universe.  I have at least a dozen issues' worth of plot lines and character arc material already, so there's lots to chew on.

Plotty crossovers in the first set will include (in no particular order): True Blood, Heroes, The X-Files, Eureka, Burn Notice, Edward Scissorhands, Leverage, Dr. Who and cameos from loads more.  The True Blood and Eureka/Heroes crossovers literally make me squee.  (Aloud.  At odd times.  A lot.  My poor hubby can attest to this.)

Anybody interested, or know someone who might be?  If you have feelers, I would love you forever for sending them out on my behalf.  If anyone wants to talk offline about it, they can use my LJ email:  LJ@Jood.org.

Thank you thank you thank you!


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